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Lessons: at home all over Milan

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I do not represent the economic interests of any federation and so I’m free to recommend the best for you without having to chase you to sell t-shirt, belts, hats, patents and dvds.

Having to deal with delicates arguments, I prefer to give individual lessons, private consultations, even at home, but only to those who believe in moral qualities, professionalism and responsibility.

I decide personally who is eligible to be a client of mine, without forcing him to attend more sessions than necessary, because what interests me most is earn your estimate, not lighten your wallet!

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I regret having to protect my identity for personal reasons, but I think it is more important to provide extremely important informations about this combat system rather than tell you my real name and my favorite color.
I used Krav Maga for many years, I studied the principles, I share my experiences with other experts in the field because I want to continue to get better and better.

Unlike my colleagues, I wil not force you to repeat techniques endlessly but I’ll explain to you the logic of our system to always find solutions without having to use the memory.