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How long does it take to learn ?

A discrete preparation and good results are possible in a few months, but everything is related to the commitment in training, to the different learning ability and the strenght of your personal motivations.



How long are the lessons ?

Lessons are 60 minutes long and you can make two or three a week.
I will use a technical and deductive method, in a crescendo intensity, in such a way that the training reaches a level of physical and psychological stress as close as possible to reality.


What kind of clothing is required to attend classes ?

In Krav Maga we don’t use any uniform, nor specific clothing. Comfortable clothes are recommended for physical activity, like t-shirts, long or short trousers and sneakers.

Who has already practiced martial arts is benefited ?

Only if he has been accustomed to physical training and sacrifice, because timing and methods are different, it is not a sporting competition, but a survival technique.

Krav Maga works for everybody and with everybody ?

No matter the physical prowess, but the determination to not be a victim. A good example can be found in many documentaries where small animals makes bigger than themselves to desist from their intentions.

We call HARDENING TARGET that series of expedients and technics that can make the attacker target more difficult until he renounce.

Do you have to use protections for not getting hurt ?

Many are using them, we prefer to do without it because if you don’t use them in real life you have to get used to not having even when you’re excercising.

Come si fa a sapere che non saremo bloccati dalla paura ?

Perché vi porteremo sempre più vicino a situazioni di stress il più realistiche possibile, in modo da gestire la paura e affrontare in modo adeguato la situazione che si presenta, così sapremo subito se siete destinati a restare pecore o diventare lupi !

Is it possible to achieve patents or certificates ?


We will gladly release participation certificates in the courses, stage and seminars but you should know that like any other certificates issued by an internation federation, they have no legal value!

Remember that you will not get out of trouble by showing a certificate to your assailant but just being in possession af an adeguate preparation in line with our standards.

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